Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tourism: Ava and Grace

Back in 2010, I wrote to The Neo Traditionalist (, a blog whose founder, Katie, was debating over visiting Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC. It's clear that back then, Savannah and I were on good terms. Maybe I was just convincing myself to appreciate it more by making it sound appealing to visitors who did not actually have to live here.

Hi Katie,
As a film buff and academic who grew up in the South (NC), I’ve lived all over the country, coast to coast, from Carolina to California and back. I now call Savannah GA home (awesome art school, SCAD), and I just love it.
Savannah is European, Southern, historic, and modern all at once. It’s art school edgy-electic, old south-meets-new south, full of garden clubs and roller derby, with fantastic shopping and eating, literally a sweet AND savory melting pot of all of this and everything in-between. It’s also famously called The Hostess City, and you are guaranteed to have a good time (especially with its laid back open container policy).
Personified, Savannah is a fantastic lady. She is fun, wild, gorgeous, earthy, classy, sultry, and unforgettable.
As I always say (and you may quote me here):
“If Charleston’s Grace Kelly, then Savannah’s definitely Ava Gardner.” ; )
Ms. Duncan Pittman
Savannah, GA

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