Friday, April 18, 2014


A Public Service Announcement to all Mothers with Kids in College (or who plan to send their kids to college, present company included): It is unwise to scream at the team of unseen people who genuinely try to help your kids. This is especially unwise when you do so while you're on vacation, bellowing in digital typeface from your kid's student email account. Not only is that email account not yours, but it is embarrassingly obvious to everyone that you are not taking your hormone pills. Maybe you want to enjoy your Skinny Girl daiquiris, and let loose on someone who doesn't have to meet you in person. Regardless, you are setting a negative example for your kid, who (by the way) should also have a role in this exchange, since they are, after all, the student. On a housekeeping note, sending rude and obnoxiously defensive messages makes the process of someone replying to your email that much more tedious and requiring of multiple revisions to remain professional and polite. Newsflash: digital citizenship is the new black.

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